Parisota Hot Club

Formed in 2001…Original intention in getting together to explore the music of Django Reinhardt… First official date as Parisota Hot Club at Brasserie Zinc in Minneapolis Feb. 7 2002… At this time, it was the first Hot Club devoted to the jazz stylings of Reinhardt and violinist Stephan Grappelli to appear on the Mpls./St. Paul music scene. It has since become the longest running Hot Club locally in the Twin Cities…. 

The name Parisota is a blend of two locations; Paris, hometown of original PHC violinist and founding member Raphaël Fraisse and the group’s home base, Minnesota. 

Above: “I’m Confessin'” performed by Parisota Hot Club live studio recording February 2009

Parisota Hot Club 2012

Parisota Hot Club 2012

Below: From the Parisota Hot Club CD “Vous et Moi” 2006 with Raphaël Fraisse-violin Keith Boyles-bass Robb Henry-guitar

More on Parisota Hot Club at this separate site

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