Autumn 1967 Bar chord under the oak tree

Autumn 1967 Bar chord under the oak tree

  • Guitar playing odyssey began in the autumn of 1966 at the age of thirteen, playing lead guitar at a church basement teen dance in Hopkins MN with a group called the Surfers….Played the blues at nightclubs and concerts with Mojo Buford ’69-’70…..worked countless lounges, nightclubs, bars, etc. throughout the ’70’s…played  with various bands while staying up late in Chicago ’79-’84…  dabbled in country…bought a tuxedo… hotel gigs doing jazz and pop in the ’90’s….met French expatriate Raphaël Fraisse in 2001 and voila! Parisota Hot Club
  • Notable groups: The Surfers ’66-’67… Mojo Buford ’69-’70… Brave New World ’71-’72… Walter Mitty ’73…Philadelphia Story ’75… Fingerprints ’77-’78… Desmond ’81…
    Metropol ’83-’84…Big Daddy Kinsey and the Kinsey Report ’84…
    Parisota Hot Club 2001 to present… Robb Henry Trio early 2010 to present
  • Some memorable performances: “Organ notes with Swanni” 1967 TV appearance on local channel KMSP 9 with the Surfers… B.B. King show at the Depot in Minneapolis 1970 with Mojo Buford…opening for U2 at Park West in Chicago 1981 with Desmond….playing Orchestra Hall in Minneapolis with Parisota Hot Club 2005


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