five by one

five by one robb henry cover
This set of five recordings originated in the front room of my apartment during the early months of the 2020 pandemic lockdown. After additional remixing and mastering, here are the results.
  1. Badlands
    Western style theme inspired in part by my Uncle George’s home movies of a road trip through the Dakota badlands ca.1948.
  2. Lady Jane
    (Jagger, Richards) ABK CO Music Inc. (BMI) - One of my favorite Rolling Stones melodies and also a favorite of lifelong friend Reg Clow’s mom, Gladyce. I played a solo guitar version of this at her memorial service in November 2012 after she passed away at age 82.
  3. Cyclone
    A theme I started working on in 1980 while living in Oak Park, Illinois. The outro of this new version includes a display of guitar feedback originally recorded to cassette tape in the basement of my parent’s house back in 1984. Random sounds bursting out and scattering in the wind.
  4. Between the Clouds
    Organ and twin guitar theme. I was originally thinking of Procol Harum when I started working on this piece. Might also be a subconscious nod to EastEnders.
  5. Dreamland
    Drifting off with a simple piano and guitar lullaby to bring this collection to a close.


All sounds, including guitars, keyboards, bass and drum sampling, produced and recorded by Robb Henry at the Pleasant Building Minneapolis, MN January – July 2020

Additional mixing and editing on tracks 1-4 by Miles Hanson at Creation Audio Minneapolis, MN July 22 & 27, 2020

Mastering by Danny Amis at La Fortaleza, Acapulco, Mexico and Steve Wiese at Creation Audio Minneapolis MN October 2021

All selections written and arranged by Robb Henry except as indicated

Design and Photography – RH

Thanks and appreciation to Peter Jesperson and Steve Wiese for advice and insight
and a very Special Thank You to Reg Clow for his assistance and encouragement with this project.

© 2021 robbhenrymusic

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